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Our skilled electrical design team has a diverse range of experience in building electrical services for commercial and industrial projects. We design and implement all electrical energy production and transmission projects such as power stations, extending power transmission lines and transformers of all kinds, in addition to high-capacity towers and ground cables.

We provide specialized solutions to implement all construction, electrical and mechanical contracts for roads, utilities, sidewalks, and infrastructure projects for both the public and private sectors as well as warehouses, hangars, fuel and energy stations. In addition, we provide processing solutions that include engineering design work, drilling, reservoirs, lines, and networks, whether electricity or water networks, or sewerage, as well as solutions for operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and restoration of various installations.

The design, engineering, and civil works teams cooperate with the technicians and specialists in the construction and building of residential and commercial complexes, health buildings, schools, and kindergartens. We also design and implement desalination plants, and this service includes all solutions such as internal division works, excavation works, concrete works and construction works. Construction and reconstruction work, operation of facilities and buildings, finishing or maintenance, and restoration solutions for all buildings and stations.

We have insider industry knowledge of the top construction material and manufacturing industry suppliers and we have extensive in-house research capabilities. We have also established good partnerships with many leading foreign companies in the manufacture of construction equipment and are able to meet most requirements for the contracting sector. We can supply construction and reconstruction projects of all sizes with diverse needs such as brick, gravel, cement, sub-base, boulders, and rebar of any sort. We can restore and rehabilitate buildings, in addition to providing insulation materials, generators, and any part or equipment needed by various electrical projects, including stations, networks, power transmission lines, towers, and transformers.

Our in-depth understanding of the construction industry, combined with labor management expertise, has enabled us to successfully render civil construction services to national as well as international clients. All projects are carried out with a commitment to maintaining excellence, delivering the highest quality of design and build on-time, safely and within budget. Demolition, earthworks and infrastructure Housing complexes Recreation facilities Retail buildings Roads and bridges Runways, aprons and hardstands Warehouses and hangars Water and electrical systems

We support our clients in the planning and design phases with a strict focus on delivering projects on time, within budget, and without compromising on quality. Through a group of specialized consultants, MAC manages projects in an innovative and technology-driven way with an emphasis on streamlining tasks. Our Project Management services include cost management, scheduling, risk management, and forecasting of variables. All of this helps investors manage risks and not to default or override costs, especially in the case of large construction projects such as bridges, railways, airports, ports, power stations, and huge industrial and commercial projects. Thus, project management helps reduce variance among costs, estimated and actual schedule in order to ensure that projects are delivered within the allocated budget and schedule.

Pipelines and tanks Wrapping and sealing Pipelines & vessels commissioning, gauging, ILI, welding, blasting, and coating. Inductosense Inspection innovation Pipeline online contactless Inspection Pipelines, vessels and tanks rehabilitation Pipelines, facilities, and tanks Assessment Integrity & Corrosion management RCM Training for Staff capability enhancement Provision of Line Pipe through Arches Energy Supply of production chemicals & technical support

We provide specialized solutions for operating and maintaining the various stages of projects, buildings, and power stations inside and outside the country, in terms of planning, gathering, and analyzing all operating data and other big data. We inspect the current facilities in order to anticipate possible operational errors, and thus avoid them by applying the most advanced technologies that help to maximize the operational process and extend the operational life of various facilities. All of this is driven by our extensive knowledge of project management, advanced engineering, technical techniques, and safety skills.

Company divisions

Our experienced electrical department consists of professional engineers with more than 20 years of experience designing, installing, and equipping electrical projects of various sizes and complexity. This department specialises in electrical works for stations, networks, underground cables, suspended electricity transmission lines, control panels, transformers, and towers. We are trusted to bring inventive solutions to complex electrical challenges. Design and implementation of electrical stations of all kinds from 33,132,400 kV. Extending underground cables. Fixing the route and extending the suspended electricity transmission lines. Preparing and installing of electricity transmission towers. Preparing and maintaining electric electricity transformers. Extending and establishing internal and external networks to distribute electricity to buildings, including control panels. Equipping fixed and mobile secondary transfer stations. Equipping fixed and mobile secondary transfer stations.

This department is powered by long experience engineers, capable technicians, and skilled workers, supported by cutting-edge devices and site tools to provide MAC the precise ability to implement civil works projects of various sizes from: Street construction Extending water transmission lines Design and construction of all types of buildings. Establishing desalination plants We are able to implement the various stages of these projects, starting from site surveys and land preparation work in terms of cleaning, repair, levelling, compression, preparation for concrete platforms, digging trenches, supplying surveillance cameras through to providing central sewage and the concrete pumps and concrete transport vehicles, using the latest technologies and equipment.

We believe that the success of our projects and the extension of the life span of the facilities lies in the continuous follow-up during the various stages of implementation. The management and staff of MAC are committed to: Ensuring that all projects are executed to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and provide good value to them. Oversee the implementation of technical and engineering standards and specifications and to follow up the work sites on an ongoing basis. Ensure that quality management systems adopted by MAC meet all the applicable requirements of the International Standard for Quality Management. Ensure that all construction materials, equipment, and electrical parts for all electrical and construction projects comply with international and local quality standards and technical specifications of the Ministry of Electricity, which is why we supply them from leading foreign companies in this field.

From 2019, following its success in the electrical & construction sectors with outstanding recognition by our clients, Manar Al-I’Emar found itself capable of providing specialized and unique services to the oil & gas sector, concentrating mainly on transmission and storage facilities. Since then, we have been working at the heart of energy production infrastructures, designing, installing, starting up, and maintaining them while ensuring the best possible conditions in terms of safety, costs, lead times, and quality. With a reputation for relentless dedication and client satisfaction from its specialists, MAC acquired affiliations with best in the market products and service providers such as DENSO, 3X Engineering, Larkton, RYSCO, Ojaj, Arbochim, Inductosense, to name a few. Our goal is to deliver timely, cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions. To consolidate on the application of these specialized services, MAC joined forces with Dr. Concrete as its supporting partner which has excellent service facilities in the Iraq market, offering on the ground wealth of experience in the construction and rehabilitation of oil & gas transmission and storage facilities.

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