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Larkton Ltd

United Kingdom Corrosion and integrity Consultancy & software

Another pioneer in corrosion and integrity management firm was added to Manar Al-I’Emar’s roster. Larkton has hands on experience in assets corrosion management and can undoubtedly provide best in practice consultancy services. Manar Al-I’Emar is one of the only Iraqi companies that has an inhouse corrosion management team that can provide instant services.
Professor Liane of Larkton Ltd. is the founder of the famous Electronic Corrosion Engineer ‘ECE” for downhole materials selection of which most of us corrosion consultants have bought versions 1,2,3,4 and 5. Over the past few years Prof. Liane developed a corrosion management software which captures all modes of corrosion and flow strategies in pipeline, offering unmatched insight to the inner workings